Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

Sumber Kata Mutiara Bijak Paling Jos 2015

The HC video camera sets the new commonplace in resolution quality with its clear vid image detector, which captures precise detail and superior color. The dual record mode can permit you to capture a pair of. megapixel stills whereas shooting high definition video. The smooth slow recording captures quick movement with precise detail for enjoying back in moving picture. Now, you'll be able to record what you would like but you would like to record it. The HC from Sony is everything you may expect and additional.. megapixel clear vid CMOS detector The clear vid CMOS detector provides level of gorgeous kata kata lucu detail and clarity with wonderful video and still image performance. in contrast to the normal CCD imagers, CMOS sensors need a lot of less power, which provides higher performance for your battery. Dual record While you record in HD, you furthermore may have the power to capture a a pair of. megapixel still image on to the memory stick pair media. HDV/DV format recording The HDR HC is capable of recording and enjoying back both HD and SD video recorded on the quality Mini DV tape. Real time HD codec engine Sony developed a true time MPEG secret writing and cryptography system with a reduced energy consumption together with a compact size to suit within a private video camera. The codec engine kata kata bijak 2015 provides MPEG a pair of compression, with the recording and playback of clear HD pictures at constant bit rate of DV. X optical/X digital zoom The optical zoom provided by the HDR HC can bring the action up shut from isolated. The digital zoom interpolation can create the digital zooming clearer, with less distortion. Touch panel The." wide : alphanumeric display screen can offer AN excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The K constituent alphanumeric display screen rotates up to degrees for multiple viewing angles, whereas providing a sharp, elaborate image for observance or playback. The widescreen format makes shooting in : mode and composing shots easier than ever before. With wonderful options and video quality, the Sony HDR HC high defintion video camera is really one of the most effective Sony offers. If you have been wanting for the proper HD camera, the HDR HC offers you more options than you'll be able to shake a stick at.Sony kata kata bijak mutiara HDR FX The Sony HDR FX is that the world's st client i high definition video camera. A revolution of type and perform, the HDR FX can permit you to play and record reticular high definition video at resolutions of up to X for skilled quality video with many vivid colours and wonderful detail. The HDR FX conjointly options the important time HD codec engine, that offers you skilled level MPEG a pair of video compression

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